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I use this website as a vehicle to:

This site is generated using a combination of Javascript and Python. I write content in Markdown (demo) and publish my changes using git (github pages).

The source code I’ve written to generate this site is published under the MIT license. It is not perfect, but seeks to avoid as much bloat as possible while doing what I want it to. Please, use and hack it to your heart’s content.

This site is currently accessible via the following URLs:


I store no information about you whatsoever. A single entry in your browser’s localstorage is requested to let your browser remember whether you’ve selected an alternate color scheme for the site, and that’s it.

All network resources (javascript, css, fonts, etc.), including library code, are hosted by this site itself and no content delivery networks are used (except possibly those used by Cloudflare).

Third-Party Privacy#

By using this site, you are an end user of Cloudflare’s services.

Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy for and handles HTTPS encryption / decryption with your browser (but not with the origin server at The lack of end-to-end encryption in this configuration isn’t a huge deal since Cloudflare performs caching and the content is static).

For all intents and purposes, when your browser is communicating with this site, it’s communicating with Cloudflare. While HTTPS might hide which specific content you’re viewing on this site from your ISP, this does not hinder Cloudflare from seeing your specific network requests for the content of this site.

We collect End Users’ information when they use our Customers’ websites, web applications, and APIs. This information may include but is not limited to IP addresses, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from Customers’ websites (collectively, “Log Data”).

Cloudflare may aggregate data we acquire about our Customers and their End Users, including the Log Data described above… Non-personally identifiable, aggregated data may be shared with third parties.

– Cloudflare’s privacy policy